Lori Reed - mixed media
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Rob Reed - sculpture
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reedstudios, inc. 2012
Lori's newest work has been in response to trips to Yellowstone National Park, western Montana and central Arizona. She's trying to capture that "sense of place" in her art. She digitally manipulates photographs she's taken to have a more painterly or sketchy feel, and works with prints of the altered photos as the base of the art. She cuts or tears the prints and pieces together landscapes - often layered up with art papers, bits of text or plant material. Lori layers the items using acrylic matte medium - working on a stretched canvas or cradled panel.
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Lori Reed's mixed media collages are represented on her site, lorireedart.com, and Rob Reed's metal and stone sculpture are shown at www.robreedsculpture.com. Lori and Rob reside in historic Galesburg, IL
Rob's metal sculpture utilizes aluminum or steel sheet, bent and riveted or screwed together, sometimes with accents of brass or copper. The pieces tend to be geometric in character and are both medium and small in scale. His stone work is primarily in alabaster and limestone, with an occasional marble piece. They are also geometric in form and of a non-representational nature. Both types of work are the result of a long history of making things and an appreciation of the profound beauty of simple forms in complex compositions.
Lori and Rob have owned and operated a graphic design studio since 1985. Click on the business logo above to see a description of services.