In my work, I use photos I’ve taken, art papers, maps, pages from old books and ledgers, acrylic paint. I often manipulate the photos digitally to have a more painterly or sketchy feel and work with prints of the altered photos as the base of the art. I frequently layer up art papers, fiberous grassy papers or actual plant material. I layer the items using acrylic matte medium — wrapped around all sides of a stretched canvas or on cradled panel.

Much of my newest work has been in response to trips to Yellowstone National Park and western Montana. I’m trying to capture that “sense of place” — the expansive view, the sweep of a hillside, the layers of foreground, middle ground and distance.

Upon seeing my pieces, people often say they want to touch them. I encourage that and hope that the art, in turn, touches and speaks to them. I want my art to engage the viewer and take them to a timeless place.

Lori Reed